Hatha Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga is a very gentle ​style of yoga that combines​ stretching (postures) with breathwork and meditation to connect the body, mind and spirit. A few of the many benefits include improved flexibility, mobility, strength, circulation, balance & energy.  

​4 weekly classes are offered live online through Northwood Techn​ical College

Monday - 9 am - 10 am

Tuesday - 9 am - 10 am

Wednesday - 9 am - 10 am

Thursday - 9 am - 10 am

All yoga classes are offered online through Northwood Technical College 

Senior rates offered on all yoga classes

To register online (use browser: Chrome or Microsoft Edge): Northwoodtech.edu

To register by phone:  715-634-5167 or 715-682-4591

Reiki Training

Reiki is a safe, non-invasive holistic healing practice that is facilitated by a light touch or no touch and can help return us to our natural state of balanced functioning on every level - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, even socially. Benefits include relaxation and calm, improved sleep and digestion, relief from pain and/or anxiety, greater clarity, a gentle connectedness to an inner peace and a send of renewed well being. 

There are 4 levels of Reiki Training and all levels build on the previous one and must be taught and attuned by a Reiki Master. Reiki is always safe, accessible to everyone and remains with you for life.

Level I: Opens you to the vibrational energy of Reiki to do hands-on healing on yourself, family, others, pets, plants, etc.

Level II: Opens you to long distance healing. Reiki without touch that travels any distance.

Level III & Master: Gives you the ability to teach Reiki to others. You can be attuned to Level III without the Master teaching module.

If you are interested in learning more about the Reiki Classes,

Contact Mary Jo Jirik, Reiki Master, at 715-558-9077 (c) or 715-634-2499 (h)