Mary Jo Jirik

My life-long journey of self-discovery has led me to three healing techniques that I so totally believe in that I've pursued my studies to be able to share them with, Reiki and Dr. Bradley Nelson's Emotion Code. In 2006, I received my 200 hour certification in Hatha Yoga, in 2008, I was attuned to Reiki Master and in February of 2016, I received my certification to be an Emotion Code Practitioner. Over the years, all of these healing modalities have helped me and many of the people that I've worked with find balance and the healing power of awareness. The wisdom of the body, mind and spirit will always move us toward healing when we trust the body and get beyond our restless mind.

Marjorie Champney

Licensed Massage Therapist, (License 10503-146), Minister, Spiritual Counselor, and owner of Woodwind Health Spa for 13 years is now here in Hayward to serve your needs. Marj has been doing holistic massage and other healing services for over 40 years and has the reputation of offering the "BEST" massage many clients have ever had. 

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